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The owner of the building or structure must provide the technical survey of the facility by bringing on a contract basis to perform this specialized organization. For the Organization of examination buildings owner issues an order (order) for the enterprise, with the definition of the objects to be surveyed; types and timing of surveys; persons responsible for the conclusion of the contract and the organizational and technical works; sources of financing. Prospecting methods and scope of certain types of work and studies are detailed in the technical specifications annexed to the contract. The Treaty stipulates the obligations of the parties on the implementation of the preparatory and support work. Survey and evaluation of the technical condition of the building or structure is presented as a specialized organization of the technical report, which is available to the owner of the building or structure and uses them to fill in the passport of the technical condition of buildings and structures and the adoption of indispensable activities for its safe operation.

The owner of a building or structure in the Organization and carrying out of the construction survey is responsible for:
-adherence to the timetable and types of engineering surveys;
-the timely conclusion of contracts and full funding of surveys of buildings and constructions;
-the completeness and correctness of technical documentation;
-timely and qualitative implementation of recommendations issued by a survey of buildings and structures of the specialized organization.
A specialized organization, which performs inspection of buildings and constructions, is responsible for:
-the quality and reliability surveys and evaluation of technical condition of buildings and structures that are screened, the validity of findings and recommendations.

In organizing and carrying out expert surveys should make use of the technical documentation of the building or structure that is inspected. The owner of the building or structure shall be obliged within the whole period of operation of the facility to store and provide specialized technical documentation, as well as:
-standard projects and decisions which have been used;
-acts of workers and the public (technical) commissions;
projects, repairs, reconstructions and usilenij, that were executed during this period;
-reports on the survey and test structures, systems of buildings and constructions;
-Passport of the technical condition of buildings and structures.
In the absence of those or other drawings or documentation allowed their recovery by the owner of the building or structure by copying, measurements and other reasonable ways.
In addition to the technical documentation for building, which must constantly be maintained by the owner, it is recommended the Organization of surveys to take steps to broaden and deepen due to the project (sponsors), contractors and other organizations copies of archive documents containing:
-payment schemes, static and dynamic calculation of structures;
-Executive drawings and manufacturers ‘ documentation production structures;
-evidence material and factory Wednesday (temperature, air humidity, the composition and intensity of powder separation, aggressive options Wednesday, etc.);
-facts about the operating mode and load from the main and auxiliary equipment, the actual loads-from the rolling stock, from raw materials;

 -evidence of extreme natural phenomena (disastrous floods, hurricanes, ice, earthquakes, etc.).
Information that cannot be obtained from the documents, can be determined by querying the operating personnel, as well as calculations, surveys, and research. scheduled construction survey of buildings and constructions is done with the distribution of the following stages:
1. Preliminary survey of building structures, which includes:
-the collection and analysis of technical documentation;
-an overview and assessment of the State of the structures and identifying the most worn, as well as emergency structures;

 -programming of special surveys tool designs and technical specifications for the implementation of the survey.
 2. Detailed survey of structures and buildings, which includes:
-clarifying the measurements of cross-sections of elements, structural schemas define the actual devices, loads of physico-mechanical properties of materials (strength, elongation, elastic modulus, density, thermal conductivity, etc.);
-the identification, measurement, sketching defects and damages structures (in terms of displacement, subsidence depressions, banks, etc.);

 -determination of deformation seams and joints, width and depth of cracks, disclosure sections of rebar, the thickness of the protective layer of concrete;

-analysis of the results of previous and instrumental examinations;
3. A survey of buildings that includes:

 -clarification of data engineering-geological, engineering-geodetic and other surveys;  test trial designs loads and impacts;
 -long observations and measurements of deformations, sludge banks, temperaturno-vlazhnostnogo a mode, etc. ..
Under specific conditions, depending on the responsibility of buildings and structures and their condition, some phases of surveys may be omitted.
A survey of the condition of the building is recommended in cases where the previous data and instrumental examinations is not enough to make an informed decision about the condition, suitability and functional security object.
Compared to the usual detailed examination special’noestroitel’noe buildings require more lengthy and accurate observations, conduct surveys, studies, testing designs and constructions in natural conditions. To implement special surveys it is advisable to involve the main relevant issues research institutions and specialized organizations.
To special surveys are recommended to classify:
complex engineering-geological and hydro-geological survey (test large stamps, in situ testing, shear pillars in situ filtration tests, etc.);  long high-precision geodetic monitoring precipitation and deformations;  full-scale tests of structures and constructions (static, dynamic, hydraulic, pneumatic, etc.);
other complex surveys, testing and research related to the definition of the technical condition of buildings and structures.
The outcome of the work on the survey and analysis of the State of building structures it should be formalised in a report as a specialized organization survey.
In General, survey technical report must contain:

 data on technical documentation, its completeness and quality, description of constructive decisions, conclusions about the failures, outdated and erroneous decisions;
 -a brief description of construction technology with the designation of deviations from the project that took place, as well as defects arising during the construction phase;
 -information that describes the project and the actual operating mode structures that contain the actual loadings and influences, as well as on the nature of vnutriproizvodstvennogo Wednesday;
-buildings and structures inspection results with indication of the status of individual designs and parts;
-information and diagrams of defects and damages of structures;
-results of geodetic and other dimensions of structures, non-destructive testing techniques,
-other field studies and tests;
-the results of physical and mechanical testing of samples of materials, chemical analyses of materials and Wednesday;
-analyses of defects, damages, as well as their causes;
-verifying the calculations of structural components and systems;
-conclusions on the State of the structures and their suitability for further use or repair;
 -the information required to fill in the passport of the technical condition of the building or structure;
 -brief technical solutions on how to repair or replace defective designs, recommendations to improve the operation of the building structures and grounds.
Information and findings in a periodic survey engineering or building sooruzhenijaspecializirovannoj organization, used when filling in the Passport of the technical condition of buildings and structures.
Technical passport of buildings is a technical document of the owner of the building or structure containing made based on objective data obtained specialized organization in the process of implementing the instrumental surveys concluded that periodically clarifies the suitability (or inadequacy) of buildings and structures to further exploitation. Passport facilities building owner is issued when taking into operation. The first record of the technical condition of buildings and sooruzhenijazanositsja in the passport of the owner of the building or structure by an act of the State acceptance Commission on accepting into operation the completed construction of the facility (ACP State Technical Commission on the preparedness of the finished construction of the facility into operation).
In order to ensure the reliability and safety of operation of the building or structure, the owner of the building or structure must survey and certification to take necessary and timely measures to repair, reconstruction of individual structural elements, or systems of a building or structure in General. Repair, replacement, reconstruction of bearing elements and enclosing structures of buildings and installations can only be performed on the project, developed by the specialized project organization with appropriate permission.
In identifying buildings and structures or structural elements in them are not suitable for normal operation or dangerous condition (III and IV of the condition of buildings and structures or their individual designs specialized organization that performs the examination, shall make the appropriate entries in your passport indicating the timing of the removal of defects and damage, and the owner of the building or structure shall eliminate them within a specified time.
In case of deviation from owner defects and damages, within specified time limits, the representative of the territorial authority of Gosgortekhnadzor may terminate the operation of the building or structure or part thereof.
The decision to resume the operation of such buildings and structures or parts thereof shall be taken by the representatives of the territorial administration of the state labor protection after performing the corresponding repair (reconstruction) and additional surveys of these objects, composed Act resume operation of an object with corresponding records in the Passport building constructions.
If the survey has determined that the State of the object or its separate designs meets the technical category III or IV status, passport copy within ten days after the end of the survey shall be forwarded by the representative of a specialized organization in the register of dangerous buildings and structures in scientific-research Institute of building production by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.
Additional data are also sent to survey research organization at the Centre of reference of the roster of dangerous industrial buildings.
If organs or officials exercising State supervision or departmental, disagree with the declared owner of the technical condition of buildings and structures or the conclusion of a specialized organization, at their request, the owner is obliged to order the State diagnosis of technical condition of buildings or structures in other specialized organization for representatives of regional expert of Gospromgornadzor technical centres.

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